By Venecia Malagon

February 10, 2010

A Grease fire can wreak havoc in a kitchen unexpectedly and without warning. If a collection of oil or grease on a stove is left unattended, it could heat up rapidly and ignite. Because grease and oil are very mobile this type of fire is exceptionally dangerous causing the fire to spread quickly throughout the kitchen.

Astonishingly, when your ancillary system (safety sprinklers) are engaged during a grease fire,  they will only add to the problem as water causes grease fires to splash and move around further.  Also, because your exhaust system hood fans are drawing air out of the kitchen and up to your roof, this will also aid the fire in climbing through your duct work.  Moreover, if your exhaust system is not being cleaned regularly to NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) 96 standards, this will speed up the fire spreading process significantly and chances are, the Fire Department will not be able to put out the fire in time to salvage your facility.

So what is the best way to  prevent a grease fire?

The most important thing you can do to prevent a grease fire is to train your employees to fully monitor any grease or oil that is being heated at all times. According to the NFPA, unattended cooking is the leading cause of fire in the kitchen. Staying by the fryer or grill is key.

  1. Heat oil slowly. Oil heats up rapidly and can burst into flames when over-heated.
  2. Make sure other liquids are not sitting close to the stove, grill, or fryer

If a grease fire does occur, what are the best steps in putting it out?

Always have a fire drill plan in place and train employees to react immediately.  Assign specific responsibilities  to each of your employees. Although carefully coordinated and timely response by your employees can put out grease fires, remember that safety comes first. Never put yourself in danger and always evacuate the area if there is even the slightest doubt in mind.

  1. Remind your employees never to use water to put out a grease fire.
  2. Call 911 immediately. Do not wait to see if you can handle the fire on your own. It is always better safe than sorry.
  3. Turn off your exhaust system fans if you are able to do so. Make sure your employees are aware of how to turn them off.
  4. Attempt to smother the grease fire with a pan lid. Be careful with glass lids as they may shatter from the heat of an open flame.
  5. If the pan lid does not work, smother the fire with baking soda. It will probably take large amounts of baking soda to quench a raging fire.
  6. Use a fire extinguisher only as a last resort as they may contaminate your kitchen and food. You may find Class K fire extinguishers specially used for grease fires at commercial kitchen supply depot.

By Josh Evans
December 12, 2009

Carpet Cleaning in Houston is a giant mammoth of an industry as the market brings in millions annually. One cannot help but notice the endless streams of local listings when the phrase Carpet Cleaning Houston is inputted into Google. Results can easily climb to hundreds of search results. You will also find the same to be true when searching for Carpet Cleaners in Houston using the Yellow Pages. However, how can consumers distinguish top tier service companies from the rest?

One could make the assumption that companies having top placement in Google, Bing, or Yahoo as well as telephone directories are probably larger companies with better service since they are willing to pay more for exposure. However, the truth of the matter is, companies who spend more advertising and marketing dollars doesn’t necessarily mean they provide the best service and customer support. It is merely an assumption.

Because this very uncertainty looms in every customer’s mind, over the years Pro-Tech Restoration has received a steady stream of incoming calls from customers desiring carpet cleaning who simply want to be in a better position to make a calculated decision on who to use. One of the most important questions asked over and over is, “What is the difference between Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning and regular carpet cleaning?”  We thought it was about time to discuss this topic in more detail in the hopes to shed some definitive light between the two.

The first question beyond all to ask a Houston carpet cleaner is whether or not they will be using water to clean the carpet or not. The idea behind conventional carpet cleaning is simple. High pressure water is sprayed onto your carpet removing dirt and debris. At the same time, a vacuum extracts the soiled water away from your home into a tank located somewhere on the carpet cleaner’s truck. There are some companies who do not use water to clean carpets. Instead they “buff” carpets with hand tools and conditioner.  While buffing these carpets can leave your carpet looking cleaner, beware of what is still lurking underneath. In a sense, buffing carpets only scratch the surface of the problem.

The next question you would want to ask a Houston carpet cleaner (who uses water) is  do they use portable machines or truck mounted units? Portable machines are introductory devices and have significantly less cleaning power (more like a household vacuum cleaner). You’ve probably seen such units available for rent at your local grocery store. Truck-mounted units on the other hand utilize higher pressures and a much more powerful vacuum for extraction.

This leads to the next question for Houston carpet cleaners (who use truck mounted units). Do you run cold water units, hot water, or steam cleaning units. The majority of carpet cleaning in Houston and across the nation for that matter is run with cold water truck-mounted units or with heat conversion units. This is a standard practice in the carpet cleaning industry. Cold water units tend to require more cleaning agents to be applied. Hot water units while better than cold, simply have a heat exchanger built into them. Basically, they take heat generated by their engine muffler  to heat up the water which still isn’t going to come close to the hot water produced by your kitchen sink.

Finally, there is the deep steam carpet cleaning method which has been championed by Pro-Tech Restoration. Deep steam carpet cleaning units come with heavy duty commercial boilers which heats water up  to 212 degrees and kills 99.9% of bacteria lurking in hard to reach places. It also reduces the need to spray carpet cleaning shampoos which may lead to wear and tear in the future.  Also, because Pro-Tech manufactures our own unique line of Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning equipment which are used solely by our trained technicians, there will be a world of difference in quality of service.

Next time you call a carpet cleaner in Houston, make sure to ask these important questions. There is an old word saying “You get what you pay for.” When it comes to carpet cleaning in Houston, make sure this is the case every time. If there is a competitive price out there, make sure you know what you are paying for and if it’s worth it to you as a home or business owner.

By Roger Choi
Sept. 2, 2009
Service Newsletter

Original Logo

Original Logo

HOUSTON – On  September 17, 2009, Pro-Tech Steamcare, Inc. will assume the name of Pro-Tech Restoration and improve their corporate logo. After a long and hard deliberation process, the decision to change a 25 year old corporate logo which has helped them pave the way through the last few decades was at last, finalized.

According to C. Patenia, Office Administrator at Pro-Tech, “We’ve been through quite a ride the last 25 years. We’ve experienced several economic downturns, survived a few natural disasters, and it wasn’t easy but we were able to pull through until today. She continued on to say, “We definitely owe it to our loyal customer base here in Houston, some of whom we’ve been doing business with since we began our company.”

When Veteran Service Manager J. Ramos was asked what he thought about the new corporate identity, he responded stating , “It is definitely something that will take some time getting used to but overall I think it looks very clean and sends the right message about what we are about, honesty and integrity.”

Established in 1984, Pro-Tech Steamcare, Inc. began providing carpet cleaning & exhaust venthood services for restaurant fast food chains and hotel establishments. Amazingly for 25 years, they have been operating solely by word of mouth without any marketing or advertising.  According to D. Shin, President of Pro-Tech, “When you are able to provide extraordinary service, something that your competition doesn’t offer, and are able to do it cheaper than they can, that is how you continue to maintain the edge which is absolutely necessary in our line of work.” He continued to explain, “Also, we haven’t come this far entirely  from service alone. There are hundreds of service companies out there. We are in the “people” business, managing our customers and taking care of them. When we are able to do a favor for our customer even if it means not making a cent, they begin to understand what we are about.”

Pro-Tech has since opened several departments  such as Construction, Electrical, and Fire & Water Restoration. Because of this steady expansion, it was only natural to position the corporate image towards restoration services. By definition, Restoration is a return of something to a former, original, or unimpaired condition which is exactly what Pro-Tech attempts to do for each and every customer, one job at a time.

On September 17th, Pro-Tech will finally lay their logo to rest after 25 years but a unanimous decision was made by everyone at the corporation to designate a day to pay homage to the old identity. “Just as a Basketball or Football team will sport their retro uniforms, we’ll proudly  fly our old colors so that we may never forget what has built the foundations of our company,”

– J. Ramos.

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New Logo

New Logo